What to Do with a Restless Heart

What’s making you restless?

January 26, 2022

Restlessness. It can get so strong you feel it right in your body.

What’s making you restless? When you really start to unpack it, you discover underlying layers of thoughts and emotions. In this episode, we’ll show you how to unpack your restlessness so you can turn it into a drive for positive change.


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Reader Interactions


  1. Danielle Younan says

    I loved that this podcast came in my inbox on the day that my restlessness came to a peak. Thanks be to God. I loved how you guys unpacked the layers of emotion – I found that really helpful. I can use that way of unpacking when I feel restlessness again. I loved the scripture references, it really spoke to me. Lots of golden nuggets of information here! This is only the start of my journey to understanding my own restlessness and I’m grateful for the great advice given here.

  2. Maristella says

    This segment was extremely practical and filled with wisdom from on high. It was, also, naturally good on the horizontal level but the way you concluded made my soul lift and look up beyond this world into His in a very practical and faith filled way. Thank you!

  3. Veronica says

    I really enjoy your podcast! It’s practical, I like your humour and realness, and it gives me a lot of food for thought to reflect on. A great compliment to the deeper journal work we’re doing in the Academy.

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