How Your Attachment Style Affects Your Relationships

Make your relationships healthier and more intimate.

November 3, 2021

Catholics believe that every person is created for relationships. Yet we tend to make things complicated by how we relate to people.

In this episode, we discuss the four “attachment styles” based on the psychology of attachment theory. We explain what they are and how they fit into the Catholic view of human relationships. Once you know them, you can make your relationships healthier and more intimate.


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Reader Interactions


  1. Jim Hennessy says

    Matt and Erin, This is you at your very best!!! I first studied this as an undergraduate (based on the book I’m OK, You’re OK). I read the book as well and studied it again at the New York City Police Academy (The NYPD taught this to ensure its Police Officers would relate better to the Public). I’m OK – You’re OK was published in 1967 as a self-help book by psychiatrist Thomas Anthony Harris where he describes Ttransactional Analysis as a method for solving problems in life. You have gone further by applying from a Catholic perspective; BRAVO!!!

    • Jim Hennessy says

      I hasten to add that you have done a very good job at integrating John Bowlby’s theories on Relationship Styles with Transactional Analysis.

  2. Jeremy Rohr says

    This was a great podcast. I had just listened to a podcast a couple days earlier talking about Attachment Styles and recognized I have the avoidant attachment style. I had recognized how that impacted my personal relationships, but I didn’t make the connection to it impacting my relationship with God. It helped me realize why God has been saying to me for the last couple years in prayer, ‘Trust Me’. My avoidant attachment style creates fear in me that God won’t take care of me and so I feel like I have to take care of myself. This podcast was pure gold for my relationship with God.

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