5 Tips for Catholic Coaches

How to be an effective Catholic Coach.

February 23, 2022

Whether you’re focused on coaching yourself or growing your professional coaching practice, this episode will teach you five ways to improve your skills.

We give advice on how to:
– Listen effectively.
– Empathize well.
– Move people (including yourself) toward solutions.

Enjoy these “snapshots” of the lessons we share in our Purgative Way Coach Training!


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  1. Fr. Joe Villalon says

    My name is Fr. Joe Villalon a diocesan priest for the diocese of Brownsville, Texas. I’m so interested in your coaching classes. I purchased your journal a while back. Ill be honest I have not really looked into it yet. I know it is well created with the help of the Holy Spirit. Could you guide me where to start for beginners using your journal.I know you offer many episodes, please orient me to the beginning. The final questions do you coach priest at all, or this is mainly for lay people?

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